Table of Contents


Table of Contents

What is RFOX?

RFOX is Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder, which was founded in July 2018. They mainly aim to help with the mass adoption of blockchain and other similar emerging technologies.

The co-founders, Ben Fairbank (current CEO) and Glen Pearce (current CSO) discovered the gap between the core protocol layer of blockchain technology and the ability for the end consumer to interact and this is exactly what they wish to bridge.

Initially, RFOX intended to create a super dApp (decentralized app) for Southeast Asia, however their focus changed after noticing their market’s global focus. The company utilizes blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) to bring about solutions for problems that business organizations face in the region. 

RFOX Ventures:

RFOX has spent years building its ecosystem, addressing different segments of the digital economy via their ventures, with the fast-paced yet underserved Southeast Asian region in mind. Simply put, these ventures can be split into:

  • RFOX Games: The creation of interoperable tournament based games which use emerging technologies via a play-to-earn (P2E) business model for the mobile gaming space.

  • RFOX Finance: This venture is centered around decentralized financial markets. Through this, users can access DeFi (decentralized finance) products such as swapping, supplying liquidity, yield farming and single asset token staking.

  • RFOX Media: This venture allows users to earn rewards for creating content, playing games to win, and earning through participative contribution.

  • RFOX NFTs: This venture developed a white-label solution for the launch of enthralling NFT assets in the market. The RFOX NFT platform is similar to a platform such as Shopify, but made especially for NFTs including launching of contracts on multiple chains, website creation, marketplace creation and auto-listing on major liquidity exchanges such as Opensea.

  • RFOX Ecommerce Streaming : This is the biggest e-commerce streaming app which will be powered by the release and launch of RFOX TV and streaming. However, the scope of this venture is huge and time-consuming and is thus, under progress currently.


The RFOX VALT claims to be RFOX’s central solution. The RFOX VALT is a completely immersive shopping and entertainment experience that is compatible with virtual reality. 

Combining various gaming elements, RFOX VALT consists of its own standalone metaverse experience and is fully interoperable as well as compatible with multiple chains. It bridges the best in the class of crypto via NFTs and real-world applications of eCommerce, gaming, and entertainment. 

There are four key roles for participating in the metaverse:

  1. SHOP Owner: Individuals who have participated in auctions for RFOX VALT SHOPs are allocated with the title of SHOP Owner. They are capable of holding, designing, operating, leasing, or trading their SHOPs. There are two main tracks for a SHOP Owner to pursue, either an Operator or a Landlord.

  1. SHOP Renter: The non-owners of RFOX VALT SHOPs can avail an opportunity to set up shop in the metaverse, upon appropriate agreement with a SHOP Owner. Renting will be made available on the release of the full MVP of Callinova and these individuals are SHOP Renters.

  1. Quartermaster: A Quartermaster helps monitor and manage their assigned quarter. They will be responsible for various things, including onboarding and managing big brands and events, aiding SHOP owners, renters, and landlords to contribute to and build on the common vision of the RFOX VALT experience. Ensuring that the space is full of open and vibrant SHOPs is a key KPI for this role. 

  1. Creator: RFOX VALT has launched a grant program, which will distribute significant funds to only certain promising NFT artists who wish to enter the metaverse and launch their art collections on RFOX’s NFT platform in the RFOX VALT.

The RFOX Token

The RFOX Token powers the entire RFOX Ecosystem. It serves as a form of payment and utility and is used for trading fees, the development of liquidity pools, NFT creation, transactions, and other activities that power digital economies that the RFOX Ecosystem operates in.The maximum supply of the token is 2,000,000,000. 


As RFOX is shifting its focus to the metaverse, the RFOX token will play an integral role as a utility token in the RFOX VALT, as well as the main currency for its ventures. RFOX VALT and the remaining RFOX Ecosystem seeks to introduce a single log-in system known as RFOX ID, additional payment provider integrations, and additional wallet integrations, which imply that RFOX can be used for more payment settlements across more chains. 

Breakdown of unlocking RFOX Tokens

RFOX successfully conducted an ICO on 2019 April 18th, raising $5,650,000.

RFOX is available on several exchanges including Bitbns.

Where is RFOX headed?

As the metaverse continues to expand, RFOX has tirelessly worked towards building RFOX VALT, the conceptualization, design, as well as the development from 2021. RFOX aims to update its SHOPs & Exhibitions, introduce multiplayer mode and much more this year. 

The vibrancy and enthusiasm with which RFOX approaches the metaverse is definitely note-worthy.

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